Ban and Mute Appeals

Ban Appeal: cgriffin43 (8)
Ban/Mute appeal: FIRMsanta (5)
Ban appeal: ElsaCreeper235 (3)
Madman776865fg "Ban / mute appeal" (11)
Madman776865fg "Agentred why?" (4)
Getajob05's ban appeal (2)
SirMangler (Catty610) "Topic on a situation I find slightly sticky" (6)
Ban/Mute appeal: catty610 (5)
Un-ban Native_Assassin7 (7)
[Unbanned] Ban Appeal: halebros (4)
Ban Appeal: cgriffin43 (3)
[Unbanned] Ban Appeal (2): magicunicornman (10)
[Unbanned] Ban appeal Willwon11 (12)
[Unmuted] Mute Appeal: dp2015 (7)
[Unbanned] MAT657 "Apparently I griefed?" (6)
[Unbanned] Reallykill's unban appeal (6)
[Resolved] Tytus300's ban appeal (3)
[Unmuted] Jaydawg134 Unmute Appeal (5)
[Unbanned] Ban appeal: Sniperdoesmining (10)
[Unbanned] Ban appeal: Skatechick28 (17)
[Unbanned] Ban Appeal Micho (15)
[Unbanned] _TheThunderBird_ Ban Appeal (13)
Ban Appeal: Benji83 (6)
[Unbanned] cpopfizzle "MY PM sent to AgentRed moments ago" (3)
Requesting to ban: WillRobCo (3)
[Unbanned] Ban appeal: Quietimp (3)
[Unbanned] Ban Appeal: cgriffin43 (6)
EvanT0408 "Banned for no reason" (3)
[Resolved] Ban Appeal: Profound Bandit (3)
[Unbanned] Ban Appeal: nathan1to10 (8)