I can't connect! / Other server issues


This is the place to report all server issues! If you cannot connect, do not create a new thread. Simply post your issue here.


Anyone else having this problem?

And i get this message when i try to join:


[quote=“JogarCraft”]Anyone else having this problem?

And i get this message when i try to join:

If this happens again, try using this IP instead:


Try restart minecraft it helps me when i have this problem :slight_smile:


I guess this goes here.

I’d like to report a bug or something.
I’ve been killing a lot of skeletons lately, and I’ve notice that none of them so far have dropped any Bows or Armour. I’ve brought this up with a couple people, some of who suggested it might be a bug with one of our plugins or some odd setting.

To address some common questions when I usually bring this up:[quote]“But aren’t Bows and Armour rare drops?”
Yeah, they are. But after killing 800+, you would think I’d have gotten a couple by now.

“Aren’t they dropped on Player kills only?”
That 800+ was only counting the ones I’ve personally killed.

“But Zombies don’t drop their armour!”
Yeah they do, it’s another drop on their rare-list, along with Iron, Carrots, and Potatoes. They always have a chance to drop what they’re carrying, albeit a low one. Unless of course it was a Players Gear that they were wearing. That’ll drop 100%.[/quote]


I’ve had this same problem before, Looting III diamond sword, I get LOTS of armour and the extra crops that are dropped by Zombies, but nothing but bones from skellys.


Signs don’t appear for me. I see the selection box outline for them but the signs themselves are invisible. I tested on other servers to see if they showed up and they did. I did the same with singleplayer. Also I tried taking off my texture pack and they still didn’t show. No one else in the chat was having this problem so it must have been client side.
Edit: Signs now show thanks for the help Simon.


What Minecraft version were you using? Any mods?
It might be something that didn’t match between the client and the server. Does every sign don’t show up?



This is more of a Question than an issue at the moment, but I thought I’d post it here instead of starting some new thread…

So, the thing I’m wondering about is the general consensus towards claimed land and builds. It’s seemed that, in general, if a player has not been online in ~30 days, the land is “up for grabs”. What I’m slightly worried about is that, at the beginning of December, I won’t have ready access to a computer, and will likely not have reliable access until after the start of the new-year. This is due to a new job and some moving. I just don’t want to lose my areas. I’m also wondering if Forum Activity is taken into account with the “days inactive”… I can still access the forum via my phone, but minecraft? not so much…

Just something I needed to get off my head…


Dragon, just put a sign on your property saying something like “gone on vacation, will be back on Jan 1st” or similar. Make sure you LWC it. Even better, find a friend to check in on your house occasionally, in case it gets griefed while you’re away.


If you show me where your house is, I can grief-check it while you’re gone.


Getting timed-out every 15-20 mins or so, why is this?


Do you have a poor connection?


The dynmap has been down since last night.

EDIT: came back online yesterday, problem solved!


It’s working for me just fine…


I currently can’t connect to game.arcaneminecraft.com, or the IP address it resolves to.
When I try to connect in Minecraft it sits on Logging in… for a while, and then eventually gives ReadTimeoutException.
The Dynmap doesn’t load at all.
Pinging it gives a normal result.
It’s been showing 9/30 players all day, so I’m not sure that’s correct either.
Nothing has changed since the last time I connected.
There’s nobody around for me to talk to about it on Mumble or anything.
I’ve gone through troubleshooting on my end and can’t seem to locate any problems.
I’m assuming it’s something server-side right now that could be affecting other players, but as I can’t look at Dynmap and the player count hasn’t changed all day, I have no way to tell if anyone is actually connected.
Truly puzzling.


Lol you missed it this morning. Server crashed and burned. It’s been down for a few hours now. Those nine people you see online are people who were on the server when it went down. Don’t worry, no one is playing without ya ;D


Did the server go down? I got timed out and can’t rejoin, but it might just be problems on my end.


Emerald, the server seems to be doing fine now. Come joins us! :smiley:


Right now our host seems to be down, so the server is down for the time being. Agent would have received an email about the host doing maintenance or something. Right now there’s nothing we can do except wait for our host to start working again.

Edit: They’re working on it

Looks like it’s back up