I can't connect! / Other server issues


Is the server down, or is it just me?


I’m trying to join the server and it says that there is a temporary white list. Can I be added?


They are rendering the dynmap at the moment. The server will be back up in a few hours.


I cant connect because the server is whitelisted?! Why is i whitlisted?


From what I can guess, 1 of 2 things happened, 1) they broke something, or 2) they forgot to take off whitelist last night when they were done lol


Sorry about the wait, everyone. Whitelist is off and the dynmap is looking pretty good!


Are we still down? I can’t connect…


So digital ocean, who we use to manage our DNS records, is having issues today. No one will probably see this because of that, but nothing with the arcaneminecraft.com domain is working for now. You can use the direct IPs though. To access the website just go to, and for the server, connect to

Right now, there’s nothing we can do but wait for Digital Ocean to fix it’s DNS services.


How will people even see this page with the Digital Ocean DNS not working well…

Nevertheless, it works well for me. If it does not work for anyone else, I hope it can get fixed soon.


It seems like the DNS is spotty, so people might be able to access on the domain, but later might now be able to. Anyway, looks like the domain is back to working for me.


Server is down.
“java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: no further information:”
Dynmap is frozen on the moment of the server going down.


still unresolved… 12:10 EST as i type this


Hello, recently I’ve been having trouble with sleeping while another player is afk. I always get kicked for flying. I can rejoin, and it works that time. It’s not really a big deal for me, but just thought you might want to know.


Is the server down? Because I’ve asked in Discord, and nobody else can get in.


Server kicked me off and I can’t get back on. This happened around 11:50pm PST if you wanna check those logs ;D