Hydra Iron Farm COMPLETE (for reals this time)


Good News everyone! The Hydra Iron Farm has been completed! Please bear with us while the villagers breed until they can hit 10 villagers in each pod. Once that happens the farm will be running at full capacity. Give it a day or two.

It’s located on the Red Highway

Thank you to those who have helped and/or donated resources and their time!

See list located in the AFK room for names of those who helped. I don’t want to post them here because I’ll be sad if I forgot anyone :unamused:

Once again, thanks to everyone that helped. Hopefully this will be a substantial upgrade over the previous one.


You can count on my help !


Heh, DClem, I know you were on board already xD But thanks. I’ve already added additional chests right outside the portal. I’m gonna need to pick up some ender pearls for quick hopping between pods.


what do you need to help?
villager management?


Since I would say about 70% of the farm is already built, I could cover the resources myself. My main concern is villager management. I have zero understanding when it comes to villager mechanics. A few youtube videos lead me to believe that two villagers breed until there is enough villagers to allow golem spawning. However, there are a few pods that have 9+ villagers in it, yet no golems are spawning.

I can cover resources (for now)
If someone wants to help with the villager management, or teach me, or something that would be swell.
I have this coming week completely off so I can spend a good amount of time for this week only.

My first step is to get just one of the 16 farms to work, just so I know that this farm will work.


I would love to finally get Hydra up and running. But what’s up with the off-center villager pods?

Also, don’t forget villagers need food to breed in 1.8


I don’t know! I am picking up where it was left off! Ask Kara-- Oh yeaaaaaaa.

At this point I’m seeing a lot of people willing to help which is a good sign.


Yeah, you should probably ask TacoInIce…
Oh wait.


Why are there several villager pods per platform anyway?


I don’t know. All you need is 1 villager bucket for each pod. Maybe at the time you needed all sides…? I’m not sure. 1 will do. At this point, I need to make a test farm FAR AWAY from the breeding house in the center. If I can get 1 farm to work, then the project will move ahead


As I was trying to harmonize the size, position and design of the villager pods, I realized that the different farms have different sizes, heights and door/water placement. Some are even too small to allow a golem to spawn in the first place…

While it’s not so problematic functionally, it’s a bit lame for something that’s supposed to be an epic/useful public build and could potentially be prettified.

Since the whole build is at a pretty early stage, how about revamping them into nim’s design?


Yes, I think that’s a great idea. That way we have a uniform build across all the pods so it would just be copy and paste. I’ll be online later tonight. After doing one chore, more just get added…


Really quick, compact design that can easily be pimped up


something that has to be accommodated is sieges, which occur no matter how well you design the farm. you are going to have to set up a refill village to bring new villagers over.


The internet tells me siege zombies can’t spawn on glass so it should be fine. My base’s farm uses this design and I never had a siege issue.


Thanks a lot to Scozzar and Lily for putting up with my shitty explainations :smiley:

Just as a quick FYI, the glass layer on top of the topmost wall is not necessary, because that y layer is above the golem spawning area.

Moreover, golems can spawn inside of transparent blocks (which makes safely decorating those farms rather tricky - but definitely possible). So if golems could spawn on that surrounding wall, putting glass (or a slab/stair/fence/etc.) on top of it wouldn’t stop them.

Edit: putting this here for later, creative tested delivery system that doesn’t rely on perpertually-firing clocks and only fires the dispenser when an item is in it.


So I dropped some melon slices into the farm in the north-east corner (number 4 on the aerial view image) and they didn’t make it to the underground AFK room. So I don’t know if the piping is wrong or what, but that will have to be fixed.


Yeah the piping is largely inconsistent. Some farms work, some don’t. Speaking of which, before I left yesterday, I checked the AFK room chests and found a bunch of doors and stonebricks and some obsidian in them, so the piping does work, we just need to figure out which ones don’t work.

Aljady: I was putting glass since mobs can’t spawn on the glass, friendly or hostile. If we didn’t put glass, wouldn’t other mobs be able to spawn on top of it? Could you also get pictures detailing hopper placement and the redstone?

Thanks guys :smiley:


New aerial picture in the op. We’re almost done with the biggest part, I would say.


Top view :