Hydra Iron Farm COMPLETE (for reals this time)


It looks like we’re done building the farms, and most (if not all) farms are connected via slabs. The next step we’re doing is replacing the stone brick tubing with glass sides. I’m not sure about the top, and I’m also not sure about the status of the redstone either. The redstone will take only a few minutes though. Very good guys :smiley:

edit: op updated yet again


Is there plans to re-ice the Tubes? I know we have places to harvest Packed Ice, so that may be a handy upgrade.


Not re-ice, but we are replacing all the stone brick tubing with glass as well as reorienting them so that they all line up perfectly. Normal ice is fine since we use so much ice for the tubes.

Today’s Progress:

We managed to replace 80% of the stone brick tubing with glass as well as roughly 75% of the farms outfitted with the new redstone circuit which works quite well.

Final Steps will be to just load villagers into the pods.


It’s all done.

I do not know what to do with life anymore.


That’s awesome! Thanks for completing it!

… Guardian farm should be completed soon…


I know, I’m sorry for switching so suddenly, but I’ll be able to help you again :slight_smile:


i finally finished the main sorter last night, all fixed and working like a charm :slight_smile:


have you got those pesky villagers to start breeding? and out to each pod yet?


Yeah, they’re done breeding. There is roughly 10-12 in each. There is an issue with the iron golem spawn rate. We should be getting 608 (9.5 stacks) of iron an hour, but we’re only getting about 330. If anyone wants to test, then go for it. I was gonna test tonight for an hour or two.


with 10-12 villagers that means only one golem will spawn every 6 minutes per platform. so by having the single pods of villagers you are seriously cutting down the golem spawn ability. the traditional design has four pods so that you can 4x the output.

the slow spawn rate makes me think design flaw, if you are sure there are at least 10 villagers in each pod then things to check would be:

  1. each platform has 21 doors or more…sometimes if you start placement wrong you can end up one short.
  2. each platform is 16x16 (where the water is) I know there was some size issues, but recheck that they were corrected.

here is a nice image to help show you spawnable area to double check the platforms with
minecraft.gamepedia.com/File:Iro … itions.png

hope that helps


That image is very helpful indeed, I had it open the whole time :slight_smile:

To make sure the doors were registering properly I downloaded the area and checked it in single player with the village info mod. All the farms have 40 doors registered so the builds are fine.

As for the rest, you seem to be confused as to how villages and iron golem spawning works.

It’s not the number of pods that determine how many villagers are bred, it’s the number of doors in a village. So if you want 4x the amount of villagers, you need 4x the amount of doors, bringing us to 160 doors. That would mean a 42-wide platform - where golems can only spawn in a 16x16 zone max anyway, and where we’d have to space out farms into chunks that can’t be loaded all at once to keep the 60-something space between villages.

More importantly, that wouldn’t make more golems spawn. Whatever happens, they only spawn one by one. A higher limit only means that the check for a second golem spawn happens immediately instead of after the couple of seconds it takes for the first one to die. So not exactly “4x the output”.

To go back on topic, we need to check how many chunks are loaded by the server at one time, and how far from the player are entities loaded.


I think you misunderstood me, I understand villager breeding, villages, and golems just fine, The iron farm itself does not have enough does to breed enough villagers to be at full production…I was not even implying it should…all I was saying by limiting yourself to the single pod of 10-12 villagers is limiting the spawn rates because the of the 6 minute reset…Golems only spawn based on the number of villagers in a “village” it will spawn 1 golem per 10 villagers, 2 per 20, 3 per 30, 4 per 40 and so on, because of this you can have more then 1 spawn at a time, and if you had 4 “villages” you can get 4x the golems in the same 6 minute time frame… does that make since. The more villagers you have around the platform the more golems you can have spawning…and since they are dying fast with the lava blade, this thing could have more iron then you know what to do with if it had the normal amount of villagers…you will have to hotel farm the villagers to make all the extra you need to fill the farm, the more you stuff in those pods the more iron you will have pouring out.

as for chunks you asked about this the other day and I looked it up for you…here is the default info, maybe someone with admin can check if our server is still on default or if this setting was changed

“In multiplayer mode, a grid with a default inradius of 10 (for a total of 21x21 or 441) chunks is loaded around each player”

I was just trying to help, sorry.


Don’t worry, we all have the same goal, which is to get this setup to produce as much iron as possible.

Just to clear up one part that I probably didn’t explain properly in my last post.

Not exactly. What happens when the iron golem cap is at 1 is that one golem spawns after 6 minutes*, slides down to the lava for a few seconds during which no other can spawn, dies, then the 6 minutes countdown starts again.

What happens when the iron golem cap is at 2 (or more) is that one golem spawn after 6 minutes, and then the 6 minutes countdown starts again for a second golem.

The only difference in “productivity” is the few seconds during which the first golem slides down to the lava. And if you want to not “lose” those few seconds, you’d need to transform the iron farm in a way that basically breaks it.

As far as I can tell, the chunks themselves don’t seem to be a problem, but I’m not sure the entities are loaded like blocks/chunks are. If the chunks of all 16 farms are loaded but the radius for entities is smaller and only the villagers of 8 are, that’d explain why we’re only getting half of what we should.

We could test this by putting people on the 4 far corners and see if productivity improves.

[size=85]* I know that’s not how it works exactly, but I’m simplifying[/size]


Hey folks, there is an issue with some of the farms. Iron golems are spawning outside the water pool that is supposed to be pushing them into the lave. You can see which ones by looking under the farm on the ocean floor. Many times I have discovered 8+ golems chilling on the ocean floor. I caught 2 today on the platforms near the villagers. I am going to remove the green wool to see if things stop spawning. I really have no idea what the issue is, but I’m just going to start eliminating possibilities.


Wow, the addon to the farm is looking impressive! :smiley:


Thank you! I must admit though, I am getting burned out building farm after farm. As of now we have 8 pods with villagers in them. Of those 8, only 3 or 4 have enough villagers to make a golem. I need to afk for some time to get the breeding going.

The farm is putting out about 350 iron/hr. That’s good, but about half of what it should be with the 18 or so farms running. Since we are using Nim’s design, it is estimated to produce 38 iron per hour. 38 * 18 farms should be giving us 684 iron per hour. Why it’s not maxing out, I have no idea.



So as you may or may not have noticed, I have stopped working on the farm. To be honest with ya’ll, I got bored after making 11 of 16 farms. That being said, I was told tonight that Mytos, Dragon_DLV, and ChickenMonkey want to finish the remaining portion of the farm.

So in short, I’m letting those three complete the remaining portion. If anyone else is interested, contact one of the three members I mentioned to see if you can help.

Thanks for finishing it!


I would like to clarify…
I did not say I would like to continue the construction. As far as I am concerned, you all have the go ahead, the green light. It was a community project that the community stopped working on for a while. So the community can of course pick up where they left off.
They didn’t really even need to ask.

Please don’t contact me about the Iron Farm construction. As I’d told CM and Mytos, I know very little about Iron Farm construction. Along with the fact that I have a metric buttload of other projects I should finish before I even consider taking another under my wing.

Sorry for the confusion.


lol whoops, yea Mytos mention you three were working on it. It’s all good.

Seriously though, if anyone wants to help, it’s a great way to get involved with Arcane. As an incentive, whatever iron collects while you and other work on it, it’s yours for the keeping. Just split it evenly among each other if there is more than one person working on it.


Okay folks! The iron farm is COMPLETE and ready for use!

You can all thank Mytos for spending days afk and building to get this done!