[Fin] Guardian Farm


Yeah Lily, you and I, and hopefully a few other folks can get on the nether highway. I just never know what direction to go. I’m gonna guess and say that it would be along the east highway. I’ll open the nether map up in the dynmap and take a look.


The highway part is already being worked on. The portal is at much lower altitude than normal exits because Ultrabyt3’s Nether base portal interferes with Guardian Farm’s Nether portal.

Also, because the surrounding area is a Nether Fortress, we have to make sure the light level on all opaque platforms is above 11.

All the help will be appreciated! Thank you guys!

I’ll most likely come on during somewhere between 12 pm and 7 pm EDT on Friday to work on anything (from wall design to highway linking). Probably not the whole session.



The farm is finally linked to the Nether Portal through the Lime (NE) Highway. It is past the Ocelot taming grounds.

The farm is open for grabbing guardian goodness.

The walls are still open for designing: If nobody submits any idea, it will end up being randomly designed by random players one day.

Little more work is to be done to the farm, including clearing some little more chunk of water right above the afk area.

I won’t be able to come on for long throughout this week. I have midterms I have to study for next week.

Until then!



How complex does the design need to be? Should it just be a simple pattern, or could it be something like pixel art?


Dragon and I are working on the walls…but any help would be great.

also need to see you Simon about a slime killer idea.



Just make sure you designit only UP TO where the sand is the only block exposed (21 blocks above the floor level)! I plan on putting glass (or nothing) around the sand area to give view to the surrounding ocean.

As for slime killer… I don’t have any idea. :confused:


Well then. That makes it easier. We kinda took a break at it, not too far from that point.


I just visited the area. Stone bricks doesn’t seem to work well with the decoration (at least for me).

I added some light to the decoration since it was looking too dark. Let me know how it looks.


[quote=“SimonOrJ”]I just visited the area. Stone bricks doesn’t seem to work well with the decoration (at least for me).

I added some light to the decoration since it was looking too dark. Let me know how it looks.[/quote]

the stone brick matched the rest of the room build and the pattern, led the eye up the walls to see how big the space is, but either way it is a work in progress so just sit back and relax…details are not your strong suit, so give us a chance to make it something.

Oh also something I noticed might want to add a overflow chest where everything not sorted from the sorting floor goes, so when someone dies and looses their stuff they can get it back, or drops something or what ever…


I used stone bricks because there were no prismarine stairs. I wanted to avoid using stone bricks as a whole, but I had to make an exemption for using it on the floor and as the stairs.

If you can, please elaborate “details” in “details are not your strong suit”. I want to be a better builder.

I’m giving you guys a chance to make something. I just didn’t particularly like the usage of stone bricks, that’s all.

There will be no overflow chest. Some items make a figure-8 turn around before getting dropped into a hopper because some hoppers doesn’t pick up the items in first try. Instead, I’m looking for a way to let players pick up their lost stuff by making the item circulation part accessible.



I understood why you used the stone brick, but since you used it, might as well match it to some degree instead of use some off the wall brick that does not make it look cohesive. in the grand scheme of the project it is not a huge amount of the wall, just enough to break up the blue, but not look out of place.

an overflow chest would be very easy to add. and then you would not need a way for people to access any part of the system. but fine build it how you want, but if it does not have a chest, where is the stuff going. the other night dragon lost a few tools to the floor, and never made it to the figure 8, so it has to be some where. why not just make it easy and give it a place to go instead of leave it to chance that someone knows where to go stand. plus then you can remove that silly off-center column in the middle of the room…if you are just unsure how to make it, then you can ask for help, or look it up if you don’t want my help. it is nothing more then the end of the sorter line chest with straight hoppers and no filter or redstone, anything not filtered will flow to it. Also it is easy insurance that anything not sorted will not end up in the machine messing up the filters, because instead of clogging up the machine, it has somewhere to go.


Bear in mind, that by doing this, if someone dies there (by Slime, rogue Guardian, or somehow by chance) and the chunk remains loaded, you have a good chance of losing items if they are unable to get there within 5 minutes.

I certainly hope that people are careful about that, while there, if there is not going to be a Safety-Catch chest.


hey simon I found a solution for the slimes…A Snowman, he shoot snowballs until the slime dies… the guardians are un-phased by him. and one the slimes are dead the floor picks up the drops…win win. People can still go kill them if they want but if they don’t, then no big deal, they don’t have to.


Do snowballs take away Slime’s health points? Something tells me this won’t work… but it’s worth a try.


I have been watching this work all day while I finished up the pattern for the wall, it may not be a fast process but he does kill all the slimes…now for the glass

I am so glad everyone has faith in me, every single person I mentioned this to told me it will not work…well guess what people IT DOES WORK …haters gonna hate :frowning: LOL


Well, the snow golems do fire at slimes. However, the slimes are not getting damaged. Even the bite-sized guys are immune to snowballs.

What the snow golems accomplished is breaking some item frames…


I don’t know what you are seeing but when I have been at the farm the slimes eventually all die…maybe you are not standing there long enough…it is not an immediate kill but I have seen the golems kill the slimes over and over. When there is a bunch it takes them longer but they do eventually kill them all. but since you are so set in them not working I have changed them out for iron golems…and they are working just fine.

Why are you getting rid of the sand, I was doing pixel art with the glass across the sand, it would have been so cool. thanks for letting me finish the walls before hi-jacking another project.

There are no item frames in the area to worry about so what does that matter. I did not let any snowmen into the collection area, so not sure how they were breaking item frames. I fixed the frames, so all is well

Simon why does everything have to be a fight with you. You ask for help but then argue and complain when people help you. This is why you end up doing a lot of work yourself, because you make it difficult to want to help. I like doing the detailed finish work that you don’t always get back too, so we could work good together if you would relax and trust that others might have good ideas and do a good job too.



Sorry for misunderstanding, but I said this over and over: sixteen blocks high wall (about 20 blocks high from ground level). I was planning on doing this. You did not mention making a pixelart anywhere in your post, so I was going with the next thing I planned. All I asked for is the wall design up to about 20 blocks from the ground.

I waited ten minutes, but the slimes never died. Even the gamepedia wiki says snowballs only affect Blazes and Ender Dragons. Nowhere in the wiki mentioned slimes taking damage from snowballs.

I didn’t go on the Iron golem route because slimes are known to attack iron golems right away.

About the item frames: a snow golem somehow walked into the storage area and started shooting at a slime that somehow got in there. And it broke some item frames (not a major problem).

Please don’t make this into a fight. I did not argue or complain about anything. I was merely making suggestions and saying my observations.



[quote=“SimonOrJ”]Well, the snow golems do fire at slimes. However, the slimes are not getting damaged. Even the bite-sized guys are immune to snowballs.

What the snow golems accomplished is breaking some item frames…

That looks amazing, I’ll have to hop on sometime and check it out!


To anyone who visited the farm, thank you!
To anyone who’s constantly refilling the fish cooker thing, you’re awesome!

I’ve made much needed progress on the farm over last few days. The floor now features (currently rare) dark prismarine blocks for decoration! Some parts have been redone for better accessibility and designs.

Please give me an input on how the current collection area’s floor (or anything else) look. Any input and/or criticism is much appreciated! Also, feel free to adjust some blocks to what you see as best fit.