[Fin] Guardian Farm


So now that we have the farm in partially working order, I assume the next step is to lay down the rail system?


Yes, it would be. I am working on designing a good hopper minecart unload collection system. It’s not so easy since we’re expecting huge amount of loot to pour down.


Alright well let us know what you need. I’ve been stocking up on rails so just let us know. I’ve been frequenting the farm as well and it’s working pretty well. Lots of fish!


Next thing you know, Arcane’s stable food becomes fish instead of potatoes. XP

Also, we might need about 3 stacks of hoppers. Spawn resoueces might have some, but I don’t think it’s sufficient enough.


Take all you need from the spawn chests, thats what they are there for. Plenty of chests, redstone and Iron. Also Simon, check the vault, some Iron should be there


Thanks, rhalyon!

I’m afraid the iron in the spawn house is almost all used up…

We’re in need of irons for minecarts and hoppers now. Donation is appreciated!


Actually, the community resources were enough for the rail part.
The technical part of the farm is done! All that needs to be done are sorting system and collector switch.

The large walls really need some design!


I can help you with the Sorting system, if you’d like. I can’t get on until Tomorrow evening, however.

It’s not too difficult to make, you just have to be sure to space it well.


I already have a template I can work on to make a sorting system. A second hand while making the system would be helpful, though.



Wall Design Team: none. (WANTED!)[/quote]

I could help out with that. What kind of materials are we looking to use?


Anything cool and decorative.


I can help with the walls as well :slight_smile:


Anything cool and decorative.[/quote]

How tall do the walls need to be?


Basically just cover the ugly stone and stuff that you see inside the farm.


Sorta. Just up to the point when all four edges of the wall can touch the sand.


You want them to be cobble or something different? We have oodles of cobble at our disposal.


Cobble alone is boring. Yuck!

The walls can be 56 wide by 16 high on three sides. Anyone interested in making a wall design can try designing one.

Also, the Nether Portal coords are fixed now. It’s X = 5447 / 5448 Z = 361.


Keep up the good work simon! :smiley:


Yeah Simon, if you want, I could be your “runner”. Just post a list of supplies that we’re short on and I can go find them while you work on other parts of the farm. I’m so anxious for this to be finished! It looks amazing so far!


I can help with the walls, whether with design or material gathering. I’d also like to help connect the portal to the nether highway, if that’s possible.