Didney worl


I am in the process of making an amusement park for everyone’s enjoyment on the server near Spawn.
I would also love it if anyone that wants to contribute does so, frankly its a huge task that I am
undertaking and I need all the help I can get. If you do help you will be mentioned at the Entrance Gate.
Any suggestions are welcome too.

The attractions that will be in DIDNEY WORL will be:

Attraction Builder

A Splifing (Don’t think I spelled it right) Arena/ Mytos232

Bumper Boats/ Musical_Clyde

Roller Coaster/ Mytos232

Zoo/ ???

Rapids/ ???

Star Wars/ ???

Under the Sea/ ???

Amusement/Theme Park

Omg yes! I’d love to build something if I was creative.

(Btw it’s spleef :wink: )

Edit: will the spleef arena be auto repairing itself using cobble gens? Or would it have to be rebuilt after use?


Should be automatic? I would ask mytos about that.


Half way through building a new minigame! Idk what to call it yet but I’ve built most of it! Just need to do the redstone