YAAB - ytorg against animal abuse


As all of you may know, Arcane is really a bad place when you look at the quality of life of the animals.

Since we have new technique of fishing (Simon Gardian farm) and plenty of veggies farm, i’d like to introduce y’all to the new and better [size=150]VEGETARIAN ARCANE![/size]

starting today, they’ll be a club of vegeterian peoples (club as in me for right now… :unamused: ) and i’d like to get the club bigger! simply mention in the comment below if you’re joining in :slight_smile: :wink:


Woo, sounds like a great club! This reminds me of the good ol’ days when I used to eat potatoes as my only diet!

Wait… eating fish is vegetarian?


You can drop off any extra red meat you maybe have in my mail box. Also to compensate for the friggin hippies, I will now be cutting the size of my cow, rabbit, and chicken pens while doubling the population of them. Also I plan to only kill them by setting them on fire to make their digital deaths even more painful.


So from what I understood about this, you said breed all my cows and murder all the babies parents while eating their parents body infront of them? Thanks for the suggestion, but I already do that ytor.


I would like to join your club and will do so as soon as I start playing again.

Long like the YAAB club on Arcane!


Bunch of monster… killing those poor innocents cows


I don’t eat the food that my food eats.