Okay guys, seriously, what this hell is this


its gonna be a giant tree


Oh that’s wood? Lol I thought it was dirt


And it greatly overshadows my wood. :frowning:


Anything overshadows your wood, Dragon


That’s the tallest treestump of all time.


SaintDane’s massive tree project out in Shadowvale.

I’ll be impressed if it gets done.

We have an abandoned Big Tree project west of spawn, before Oakfield, looks like a few players tried to make a giant spruce tree, gave up.


It getting done depends on how absorbed I get with 1.9, the only thing really causing problems with the giant tree, is in order to build the mid/top areas, I have to build platforms prior to even placing leaves and such, may just be too big a pain without /fly. I feel that everyone is pretty absorbed in 1.9 so I’m not sure I want to spend more time on a build if no one cares about developing old world further. We shall see