Windows Creator Update Breaks Minecraft, just warning ya


I’ve installed the creator’s update twice now, and both times it breaks minecraft. Basically, you boot minecraft and the Java Binary SE crashes. I’m warning ya’ll since the update is rolling out tomorrow. Yee be warned


Have you tried running Minecraft using different JRE (as opposed to the one that comes installed with Minecraft)?


Yeah I did. Currently, MC installs 1.8.25 JRE which crashes on startup. I switched it to the latest version, 1.8.121, and I don’t even get a java crash. It doesn’t even start to load before it crashes.


Okay, I fixed the issue by reinstalling my graphics driver. It’s a bit odd that a graphics driver would cause Java to crash, but hey, it’s java.


That seems to make sense. I haven’t had a problem yet, and when I searched about Minecraft crashing on Windows, it all pointed to the graphics card driver issue.