What texture/resource pack do you use?


hello! (๑╹っ╹๑)

lately i’ve been very curious as to what texture packs or shaders everyone’s using, so here’s a thread where you can post some pics of what arcane looks like on your screen! c: this could also be pretty useful for builders i suppose – i know i sometimes get caught up and forget that some blocks look completely different to others ;n; so maybe this can be a place where you can ask others what a certain build looks like on their screen? idk

i’ll start things off i guess! click the pic for an album. my current poopy laptop doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card; so as much as i want to use shaders, it’s just not a possibility atm ಥ_ಥ

i’m using the “dandelion” texture pack by steelfeathers. i absolutely love its simplicity and the palette is so lovely~ my favourite blocks are probably the clay blocks (b/c i like how they’re somewhat brick-like), the bookcases, the stained glass, and the glowstone.

i also sometimes use “pixel perfection” by xssheep for a less bright&happy look.


Honestly, I use Default almost exclusively.

Admittedly, it’s partly because I can just jump in to the game without waiting for “my pack” to get updated, or to update one myself. Another reason is that from time to time, I’ll get back into using Mods (such as Railcraft, Forestry, and Computercraft) which all tend to balance their own textures around default. And honestly, it’s a pain in the butt to find a texture pack that works for all the mods I might be using.

I used to use Quandry, as well as Sphax-x32.
But meh, I’m used to Default.


Default when working on spawn, chroma hills when working on my private build


I use John Smith 32x32. Go to imgur.com/a/O3a1M to view the album of pictures.


I use the monkey farm version on John smith for my own stuff: youtube.com/watch?v=gDF5_qQ … EA8447353F

but I use sphax around hydra so I know what everyone is seeing.

and I have tried chormahills, but not my favorite