West Road (Enbassy Blvd) Bridge Construction


Hey guys!

As you know, I am the master of building bridges.

… Just kidding, I’m sure there’s a lot of talented builders out there.

I was expanding the Embassy Blvd’s road to make it the longest large, straight road further towards West (and still close to Spawn). But then, water happened.

This needs a good bridge. I don’t know what kind of bridge to build next. I want your input on what bridge to build off of this list from wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_bridge_types (Or a new type of bridge?)

After the bridge type is chosen, we will plan a day to plan and build it together.

Here’s the process:[ol]
[li][+] Prerequisites:
[]A bridge type to build: Undecided[/li]
[li]Choose a date to build it: Undecided[/li][/ul][/
[li][-] Phototype building.[/li]
[li][-] Build the actual thing![/li]
[li][-] Check bridge quality (by putting everyone on server on the bridge).[/li][/ol]

Bridge specs:[ul]
[li]Deepest point: X,Y,Z = -145, 55, 24 (65 blocks from starting point)[/li]
[li]Bridge Span: X = -80 to X = -200. 120 blocks long.[/li]
[li]Bridge Height: Y = 70 walkway, 8 blocks above sea level. Y = 77 Railway, 14 blocks from sea level.[/li]
[li]Waterway: X =-132 to X = -181. 49 blocks long.[/li]
[li]Album of the planning process: imgur.com/a/3r14h[/li][/ul]

Note: ETA is months from now due to people having school/class things to do.