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#Welcome to Arcane Survival Forums!

This is the forums for Arcane Survival Minecraft server. Enjoy your stay!

Everyone’s password has been reset since we migrated from phpBB to Discourse. If you had an account, you must reset your password through your email. If you do not have access to your email account, let a staff member know.

NOTE: We’ve been getting an influx of players from a new factions server by the same name “Arcane”. That server has no business with this server or forums. If you’re here to apply for staff or ban appeal for that factions server, this is not the place to do it.

Server IP: game.arcaneminecraft.com

Home page: https://arcaneminecraft.com/

Server information: Welcome to Arcane Survival Forums


Arcane Survival is a 100% legitimate, Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server. We value a legit server and a strong community!

No items have ever been spawned in. We’ve never switched into creative mode or installed WorldEdit. Everything you see has been placed or mined how it should be - by hand.

The server is located in the Canada near Montreal, QC.

We are and always will be free to play - We rely on player donations to help keep the server running.

Players can claim land manually by placing down a sign.

We rely on a greylist and our game moderators to enforce the rules and prevent griefing. Our moderators may teleport to players at any time to check for wrong doing.

You can type /help for a list of commands in game.

You can find our rules here.

#Server Information