Website Additions?


So I carved out some free time this weekend and thought I’d spend some time working more on the website. You can suggest anything you’d like to see in this thread.
Some ideas I had:
-An actual homepage with a brief description and info about the server
-Maybe a link to some FAQs
-Dynmap hosted on website
-Down the road, credits / plots data

Anything else?


Our Highway Map, made by Aljady
A link to the Public Farm Thread
A up-to-date Staff team description
A list of upcoming events and links to the threads associated with them


A proper graphic identity.



perhaps an area of the website specifically for pictures of some places in the server?


Since all the signs in the quote room at spawn lag the area, maybe we can move the quotes to the website.


Needs more lens flare.


Good idea!


Does that mean I have to actually update the nether map like I said I would? D:


Yes, Aljady, yes.