Warning: Don't make spelling errors when DClem is on


I accidently said ‘melong’ (melon), leave for a couple hours, and come back to this.


Don’t leave him without specific directions as well, as lack of direction resulted in this very long time ago (before I joined Arcane).



I have been “pranked” in return. Smelly rotten flesh named “GOOD JOKJE” have been hanged all around my new underground base, my beacon, inside my chest room, etc…

It has come to my attention that BbyCake doesn’t recognize the true power of the [color=#40BF40]Melong[/color].

The [color=#40BF40]Melong[/color] is king.

The [color=#40BF40]Melong[/color] is all seeing and almighty.

The [color=#40BF40]Melong[/color] shall take it’s revenge.

Do not joke about the [color=#40BF40]Melong[/color], or the [color=#40BF40]Melonging[/color] will be upon you.



Come back to my house.

Discover this.

This is how you want it to be, DClem? This is what you want to start?

This means war.

Prepare for melonge.