Violation and Oppression, an examination of Taiga


Ever since its founding in 1 AL the Republic of Taiga (or the “Glorious” and “Mighty” “People’s” Republic of Taiga as it strives to be called) has violated basic human rights, grabbing for every opportunity to do so. These violations are both appalling and abundant, ranging from forced relocation to deliberate famine and beyond. Immigration laws have been abused in order for illegal and unlawful labor to be applied on grand builds for the benefit of the “glorious and benevolent” leader, DClem. Often, after having been paid a very meager sum of gold for their troubles, these laborers would be discarded of like disposable resources. Even as I write this very examination there have been reports of dozens of missing workers by loved ones and friends.

It is only recently that the once thriving mining village of Ravenholmov was found to be overrun by its former inhabitants-turned-undead. This once hospitable village is one of the many victims of Taiga aggression. Certain sources hint at a possible chemical shelling of the village by the Taiga military as one can see, from a distance, craters and burning buildings, with one of the described shells still left intact. One can only think with horror of the reasons for the Taiga to slaughter their own people like this; perhaps they were making room for another one of their “social projects,” perhaps they were testing out one of their vicious new weapons, one which would undoubtedly cause chaos on future victims?

Let it at the least be known that the Republic does not shirk acts of violence and oppression, be it on their own people or others. The Constitutional Democratic Republic of Socialist Dwarven Mordor is therefore seeking to establish an investigative council to research these crimes and punish those who would do more wrong.

-Originally written for the Dwarven Gazette, 4AL