[Unbanned] Ughjerry


Hi I’m writing this because I was banned from the server for grieving though I have no idea that I even did it. I don’t really have any way of proving that I didn’t do it but I didn’t so I don’t know what I can really do.


Hello jeremiah,

Based on our records, you placed water all over some important structures around the spawn. I can’t tell if they are intentional raid or if it was to get to top of some structure.

However, by doing so, you broke some rails and did not fix the broken blocks. This led to our team thinking that you raided some rails from Spawn Metro (Eastern line to be exact).

This is what I know.



Ohhhhhh okay , yes I did do that to get on top of structure etc and I totally didn’t think the water could break tails etc. I am very sorry for what I did and if you do decide to let me back on I will have no problem fixing anything i broke


Water is destructive to the environment. It will wash away flowers, grass, rails, redstone dust, torches, ect. In such a crowded area as spawn, you should have used the pathway that was already built to get there.

Even if there was no pre-existing path, enderpearls would have been an easier, quicker, less destructive method of getting to the structure. We have an endermen farm with loads of enderpearls for the taking.

You didn’t even clean up your water mess. You just left a ton of flowing water all over a large portion of spawn. Your actions were very irresponsible.

Your appeal is under review.


You will be unbanned on Feb. 28. Please be more mindful of other people’s builds in the future.


Thanks youuu


Hi juggling man, am I still getting unbanned today?