[Unbanned] MegaSmasher: "Why Did I Get Banned?"


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What happened:

Yesterday I was just playing normally and everything was normal. Then, today I tried to log on and it says I was banned. I would like to know why I was banned.

[Duplicate] Ban Appeal - MegaSmasher

Hello MegaSmasher,
You were banned because you built structures on someone else’s land with their resources without their permission.


What?? I had his permission! We were in a skype call together!!

[Duplicate] Ban Appeal - MegaSmasher
  • My in-game name: MegaSmasher

What happened:

I was playing and I was talking with InfernoBeast12 on a Skype call and I was on the server. We were talking and I was building on his land because he said that I could. Then I got banned a couple days later (like 2-3) and I was wondering why ([Unbanned] MegaSmasher: "Why Did I Get Banned?"). I believe that I do not deserve the ban because the reason for the ban is false.

What I’ll do to prevent the ban next time:

If I want to build, I will ask if anybody owns it, and I will try not to build into other people’s land.

I really want to get unbanned because this is my favorite SMP server. (I’ve played LOTS of SMPs and this one just has the best community ;))


MegaSmasher, you have been unbanned.

Just make sure to not build too close to others. If you are ever unsure, ask a staff member to check the area.


Thank you very much for unbanning me! It really means a lot! :slight_smile:


I would highly suggest you build elsewhere, however.


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