[Unbanned] DrDescartes' POV


11:33 PM 3/27/2016
Follow up on the post: General Discussion, “Dr. Has Fallen”

After taking a shower and pulling myself together, I'm back to make a ban appeal -go figure. I was banned for X-Ray-ing, which is a true accusation, but not one without a reason; I've been making my own texture pack recently, and I figured out that I could make certain blocks invisible, which led to an interesting idea which went something like, "Hey, if I edit the block models to be translucent, then I can see though them, making it easy to find things such as strongholds & mineshafts." Now, I'm not saying that I was morally correct -and I apologize for being dissolute- but it gave me a challenge and I went ahead with editing the block model files. So of course, this led to thinking about what ores I could pick out in a cave and I got pretty excited. I was aware that X-Ray mods existed, and that hacked clients had them, but I had no idea how they worked. I figured if I made one that didn't need Forge, and didn't screw up your files, then I could go public with something like this, because this was only a texture pack and not a mod.
While mining using my texture pack, I was not thinking about how many ores I could pick up or how rich I could be, but how proud I was for learning how to manipulate the texture packs JSon file. Not saying it's only the thought that counts, but I believe it definitely plays a significant role. After I got banned, I was wondering how you guys managed to find out that I was using a modified texture pack, seeing as how texture packs are an offline modification. I looked into it and found out that I was not the first one to have this idea, and not the first one to try and execute it. Made me feel sorta dumb. I have deleted the files and I don't think I will be touching that shit again. I am still proud that I learned to edit the files, but I do feel bad that I used them on the server and harmed other players.
In retrospect, what I did was stupid, and probably could have been easily avoided by just being more aware of how what I did affected others. In short, I got carried away. I promise that I will not do this again, and if I am to leave, then please think of me not as a malicious hacker who wanted to be a bad-boy, or have the most diamonds on the server, but as a curious fool who learned something and fucked around with shit that got him in trouble.

Yours Truly,


DrDescartes, we hope that you are being truly honest with us with your side of the events that have transpired.

Since you have, up to this point, been a community member in good standing, and since this has been your first offence, we have decided to be lenient.
After quite a bit of deliberation among the staff, we have decided to give you a Two-Week Temporary Ban.
This Ban goes into effect as of the Final Decision today, on March 28th at 23:00 CST, and will go until April 11th 23:00 CST. You are of course able to use the Forums during this time.

Bear in mind, however, that any further infraction will result in a permanent action being taken.

[color=#008000]~~Dragon_DLV and the Mod Team[/color]