[Unbanned] Beric_Dondarrion "Mhmmmm"


Alright. I get it. I should have left his rails in a chest with a sign closer to his base. That was a far walk and I had already closed off the tunnel (which I guess I shouldn’t have done either). I have all the rails in their own chest for the dude when hes on. But really? like 30,000 miles of places to build, and you chose RIGHT NEXT to my castle in the desert in my little village. Like literally and enderpearl throw from my house… I mean, come on. The maps even been expanded for Christs sake. and all that aside, I’ve been on this server a long time, I feel a little betrayed no one would wait till I logged back on tonight to ask me why and if I had his stuff less than 15 hours since my last login and no one thought to wait and ask me why. But I get it,I should have waited for him to log on and ask him why he was building there, never-mind the fact hes been sparsely logging on lately so I hadn’t the choice of talking to him.I deleted his rails because I don’t want direct quick access to my fortress via anything like that, which is why when we were planning the D6 nether portal for the highway I declined to have it within my castle. All this being said, I’m sure y’all took his rails back and stuff, cool. But seriously, I’ve always been helpful and supportive on the server and have a lot of friends there I enjoy playing with. Even mostly all the mods, so why you gotta do me like that?


my name is also under Beric_Dondarrion after name change.


And to my point on him building right next to me, see rule 5 in spawn.



pow, you could have waited until i logged on, so we could talk about a solution that would be awesome.

When i explored that village, months ago, it had no claim and was all busted up, clearly not being used.

so i set up a sand mining colony and conected it with the rail, which is public rail btw. anyone can use it.

connected the village to the D6 portal and all was good. you did not login for months and months.

You came back on while i was away from the server for a week and a half,bad timing eh? in fact this past week and a half was the longest ive ever been away from the server. I had to work a ton of overtime and just didn have the time.

We could have worked it out.


Alright, I’ll take this one.

You were banned for what I can only describe as the single biggest griefing spree Arcane has ever seen. I have to admit it that under other circumstances I would be rather impressed since you managed to tear down an entire village, a road, and as bbycake has informed us, “thousands of blocks or rails” in one sitting. God damn son, TNT damaged isn’t even on. I just wish you would have put as much effort into thinking about your approach as you did on tearing down another players stuff.

Now, let’s get one thing straight. Seniority on Arcane doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want and we look the other way because you’ve been with us a long time. So saying something like


doesn’t really do much. It especially doesn’t let you tear down other people’s stuff because, hey, you’ve been with us a while so screw the newbies.

On that note, you claim being a long-time member but honest to goodness, I have been a mod for +4 months and a member for +7 and I have absolutely no idea who you are. Being active for a month and then disappearing for 6 doesn’t make you a long-time member, just a member who was here a long time ago (and again, wouldn’t change anything about how we would have handled the situation).

Must have missed all your help the last 6 months, but it doesn’t matter if you were Agent’s brother or Pope Francis, we treat all griefers the same way.

Now, you may even have been right in this situation but you handled it in the most immature and idiotic way possible. You could have spoken to subvert, an actual long time member of our community and actually a friend to most mods, and even if he wasnt on much you could have messaged him on the forums or asked a staff member to intervene.

You see, Arcane is a popular server and we get a lot of new players, some of which come on for a month, build big things that take up a lot of space, and then leave forever without ever finishing it. Because of this, any build that’s abandoned for more than 3 months is free to remove with staff permission as to give new players a chance to make a use out of nice areas. Without this rule, we’d have the entire central area littered with unfinished huts and towers which force people to travel farther out ever time. You were gone for at least 5 months, which allowed Subvert to build close to you.

An Admin will review your appeal and give you an unban date, you are free to respond to this post however.

PS: If you are serious about your appeal, follow the damn guidelines and title this thing properly.


I logged on today because some of the statements being made are bold ones.

On Arcane, our biggest rule is against grief. It’s something we take very seriously, because we want all members to feel they can have fun, and have the freedom build some amazing things for all of our members to see. So when bbycake and Rhalyon described the size of the grief, I wanted to log on and check it out myself.

After reading your post, I totally understand your motives and where you were coming from. Having someone build near or upon your land is not a good feeling. Especially when you don’t particularly like the style. As someone who left Arcane for 5 months, only to return to a practically untouched Love Town, I understand how lucky I am to still have everything I built.

However, if someone had come through and destroyed my house, and changed Love Town, I would also have understood that it was my fault for not being here to protect it. For after a few months of abandonment, builds are up for grabs.

Yes, subvert should have asked you before he built so close to your castle. But here is the reality: He couldn’t. You weren’t here. You hadn’t been here for a while, and the rest of the staff can back that up. Subvert laid those tracks down 45 days ago and you just noticing it now? He is active, and so those builds cannot be removed without his permission, seeing as they were built while you were inactive. You had the opportunity and ability to ask for his permission, which is something he did not have when he built.

After looking for myself, the amount of stuff you removed was massive! Entire buildings were wiped out, fences, signs, a TON of track was removed, and tunnels were filled with sand. I couldn’t believe the amount of work you put into removing all of subvert’s stuff, instead of just posting a message on the forums, or waiting for him to log on.

Besides all of that, if you really think your ban was unjustified, and you really want to be taken seriously, then take this seriously. Follow the rules set up in the forum for posting guidelines. If you don’t take your ban seriously, then why should we take your unban request seriously?

The bottom line:

There were so many ways you could have handled this situation, but the amount of grief that I just looked up was incredible. In my opinion, the amount of work that you put into destroying his builds did not match the amount of annoyance that his builds must have caused you. I really do enjoy playing with you, but the reality is that tons of people submit ban appeals. And we don’t accept appeals based on seniority, or how much we like the person. We accept appeals that show the person understands rules were broken, accepts responsibility, and actually proves that if given a second chance, they would act differently in the future. Unfortunately, your appeal just doesn’t seem to show any of that.

The final decision on your request to be unbanned will be left up to the admins. Until then, you have this forum to amend and add anything you would like to your appeal.


It’s been a day now and I’ve cooled down from posting my original ban. Yeah, greasy_bandit, I should have waited. My things when I seen it was less about the two buildings and more of the rails. I just had always wanted that area in seclusion until the proper time to construct a nice road to the D6 portal, which is nicely kept far away. But the rails and stuff I kept for you, which I’m sure you’ve gotten back by now. Hope if this gets all resolved we can still figure something out, and even if you wanted to build in the other village a little more to the south, I could help you redirect your tunnels and start there, Which is also closer to the D6 portal. wrapping this up, I shouldn’t have done that and been a bit more civilized and patient so we could figure it out. My fear was if we talked about it you’d be a jerk in the matter, but as it turns out it looks like I was in fact the jerk in this matter. Hope if I come back we can find a middle ground on making this right man.

Rhaylon, Do you really think this was the largest griefing done to the server? If so then yikes. Hope I don’t set any bars promoting anyone in the future from trying to one up me. My intentions, as you can tell, weren’t angled at griefing and more so towards returning things to the way they were. But you’re also right in that I handled the situation wrong.

Champ: ): I sort of dropped the ball here, got a little pissed. But you say it doesn’t look like I have any intentions of changing what I did, but I do disagree. As my post started off, in hindsight I was wrong in the matter and should have handled it differently. If that’s not admitting to it then I don’t know what is. If i was so determined that I was 100% right and this was dumb, I wouldn’t be appealing the ban here, since I know what has to go into it. But I do admit it was handled in a rather primal fashion and shouldn’t have been. And I’m also glad you did come back to an untouched love town. That’s great to here since I love visiting there. But as I said, I won’t be doing it again, and seeing where my actions got me, I will be exercising greater caution in the future as well as more judgment as well as consideration to the Arcane community. (


if you plan on being back online long-term, I am down with your idea. With your help, i see no issue with redirecting the rail tothe other village. help me replicate the barn and station, and then il tear it down in the otehr village.

the damage got rolled back. If you still have the rail in a chest, Im going to use that towards Simon`s public rail projects.


Sub, I think that would be a great idea with the rails and I would be more than willing to help and provide the enchanted tools it will take. But before that, I have to wait on an admin decision.


We should put this in the Minecraft Guinness Book. Kinda regret saying this but,that’s extremely impressive.Tearing down an entire village in one sitting without,what I assume,no suspicion or being caught.

It was good having you on,Beric. I dunno who’s side I’m on in this situation though. Best of luck.


Since it seems like you and subvert will be able to work this out, you will be unbanned on March 8. However, don’t expect a third chance if you have another angry outburst of grief again.


Thank you for the reply. I’ve been patiently waiting and letting all tensions cool down, and I don’t plan on needing that third chance! Hindsight is definitely 20/20 in this case. Glad to be able to play on the server again, although it’ll have to wait!


It’s March 8th!


Sorry about that, POW. You’re unbanned now.