[Unbanned] Ban/Mute Appeal: Dirtysquiryl


I’m one of the Emerald Hills guys and would appreciate very much the ability to play on the server again. I was banned a couple months ago I think for bitching to much when trying to get a new player greylisted. I never read any warning of ban as there were no mods/admin on at the time I believe. Sorry about the heated words but was trying to get my little cousin started on a good vanilla server only to have him not even be able to do anything because he wasn’t getting greylisted. Again sorry for bitching, won’t happen again.




For what it’s worth, I play with Dirtysquiryl regularly and he is part of a large group of friends. We occupied the mountains a while back and they were named Emerald hills. Anyways, if joining the mumble Ch will help our (his) cause, we’ll definitely do that. See you all in the Overworld!



Sorry for the wait, mate.
The appeal is currently still under consideration.

We’ll let you know soon.


Thank ya kindly sir.


You have been unbanned. Next time please behave appropriately and follow any directions staff give you.


I definitely will and thanks again gentlemen.