[Unbanned] Ban/Mute Appeal: cgriffin43


  • My in-game name:cgriffin43
  • These forums are not associated with any HCF or PvP servers. Is your ban on a server like that? No

What caused your ban on Arcane Survival?

I was banned way back when for at first stealing, then caught x-raying.

What will you do to prevent the ban next time?

To prevent this from happening again, I plan on minding my own business enjoying my time on the server and not getting involved in dumb things that lead to bans like I have done previously. I know I was rude last time I requested to be unbanned but I apologize for that and am hoping I can be unbanned. Thank you for your time.


It’s been 4 years since you were last seen on the server.
It’s okay to be a part of the community. We encourage interacting with each other, but you shouldn’t do the things that are against the rules like stealing, griefing or x-raying again. The rules go for everyone.

I’ll give you a second-second thought and let you in. If you’re caught breaking the rules again, there’ll be no chance I can bail you out anymore.

You are hereby pardoned.



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