[Unbanned] Ban appeal: USMC_blockhead please!


Jugg says I created a clusterfuck when I was talking to Heartsflame when he decided to come harass Crackazac and myself from his ipod chat trolling to cause trouble. He wanted to fight about every little thing and make more issues then there were already were, and maybe I should not have taken the bait…but I don’t see the reason for the ban, as I did not call him any names or say anything untrue…so yes I agree no one would want to read all the excess chat, but I feel if a mod was online to stop his harassment to begin with there would not have been a problem. And just like today, he came back on mumble to harassed zac and I in mumble, when we changed channels to avoid fighting with him, he would follow us to the next channel. So I am trying to avoid a conflict with him but he is persisting to try to cause trouble. I will continue to avoid him in mumble and no longer talk to him in chat to keep the conflict to a minimum, but when no mods are on, he seems to be more aggressive at starting trouble.


You’ve both made your appeals, I’m locking these threads until a decision has been made.


You will be unbanned January 11th.

In the future, please try to be more respectful.