[Unbanned] Ban appeal: its_derry_son


Banned for “Mined Lrd’s Nether Quartz and Glowstones decoration made to look like Nether.”

I don’t recall doing this ever…and I am quite shocked that I’ve been accused of this I am genuinely blindsided.

I have been on this server for a while now and in the past month or so I have been very active. I am sure I have been falsely accused.

I would assume there is some sort of evidence that points towards me on this but I honestly don’t remember doing what I was accused of, If I could get more details on this that would be great. If this is in fact something I did, it was most definitely not deliberate and completely unintentional and I am sorry. lifting the ban on me would be much appreciated.

I am open to any form of negotiation.
hopefully this gets dealt with so I can continue to enjoy this awesome server.


I’ll unban you. Lrd’s base area that you accidentally griefed was made to look like the nether, so I think you may have just thought you were in the nether.


Thank you so much, seeing as I had no clue what I was doing. I apologize and thank you for pardoning my ignorance


Derry, I forgive you, but the next time you take a 10 minute walk through a nether tunnel, go in a pretty obvious portal to the overworld and see chests and a massive skybase next to the glowstone and quartz, you might ask or look around before mining it. And btw, if you really need glowstone or quartz, you don’t have to grief, you can just ask one of the lovely peeps on this server. If you still need glowstone or quartz, I’d be happy to help you.