[Unbanned] Ban Appeal: Hippo Eats Dwarf


Hi all. It’s been a while.

This was my first server, and the only one I spent any real amount of time in. I was banned about a year ago.

I would like to appeal my ban.

I was banned for suspicion of scripting. I appealed it once before, and after talking to an admin, was allowed back.
I was banned again a month or so later, without warning, after migrating most of my belongings from my castle to my hut so the land could be used for newer and better builds.

It would be great if an admin could look at my case again. Thanks.

edit The formatting post says to post any evidence I have. As I said the first time I talked to an admin, I don’t have any evidence, I simply don’t script. I don’t know how to prove to you that I don’t do something. If you’ve got any ideas, I’m all ears.


Not sure why you were banned a second time, our logs don’t go back that far, I’ll unban you today.


Thanks! Much appreciated.

Just logged back in to find my vacation home still in tact, huzzah!