[Unbanned] Ban Appeal: HeartsFlame


I would like to be unbanned from Arcane. The reason that I have been told that I have been banned is for disrespect and harassment.
I however believe that this was an over reaction that stemed from the following;

  1. Usmc’s habour building so far.
  2. Usmc taking too much of my embassy plot and finally.
  3. A missing streetlight in the entrance to the WhiteHaven Embassy.

I attempted to talk to usmc but I probably did not try it in the correct way as conflict arose.
I am not saying that it is mainly her fault but I will agree it is partially mine as well.
We haves both agreed that if their was a staff member online at the time that this would probably have never occurred.
Thank you.

Upon reading her appeal, she said ‘I did not call him anything untrue’. Which says she did but she believes it applies to me. I was called punk, idiot, retard and a few others I do not wish to repeat.


So, let me first say I destroyed the light as it was in the center of the doorway. Simon has since fixed it by lowering it to the ground level, and we are both satisfied with this compromise.

USMC had absolutely gone over the bounds of her plot and into ours, and since she wasn’t on at the time, I, not HeartsFlame decided to fix the situation by raising the bush wall so that neither of our builds would be disturbed. I think the solution works well as it’s just a simple divider and as it’s in my territory, I have the right to build it.

As for the bickering that occurred, all I can say is that this isn’t USMC’s first offence. I myself have been personally attacked by her as well. Before she joined, I’d never had issues with anyone on Arcane. I know this is true for DClem, myself, Hearts, among others.

It’s very obvious that there is a common issue everyone is having, and it’s very clearly USMC’s vitriolic manner.

Hearts and I have been working together for a little while since he confided in me that USMC was causing too much grief in Hydra and on the forums. If her bullying is bad enough to chase away her own residents, then it’s clear that banning her was the right choice.

However, also banning the victim in this case is an oversimplified approach to dealing with the issue. I know it’s a lot of grief to get down to what actually happened, but it’s important.

I don’t know if this has any sway, but as a long time player on this server, I believe hearts should be unbanned.

Thank you



We haves both agreed that if their was a staff member online at the time that this would probably have never occurred.
Thank you.


Mutual disrespect for one another has nothing to do with a moderator being online or not. This is not a kindergarten.

You’ve both made your appeals, I’m locking these threads until a decision has been made.


You will be unbanned on January 11th.