[Unbanned] Ban appeal: Grady_


To be honest I have no idea why i was banned. My PC broke so i haven’t been active and i tried to log on today and i was banned. Help? Please unban me i did nothing wrong that i know of.

Update: JP talked to a mod and i was banned for griefing. I haven’t griefed and if somehow someone else was on my account and i griefed I’d be happy to repair all damages and give whoever i griefed a payment of diamonds for their trouble.


You were banned for leaving holes in buildings while trying to circumvent locked doors. If the door is locked, you shouldn’t try to force your entry, and if you do, at least replace the blocks.


What doors did i break. I’ll fix them. I don’t remember doing this. Whoevers house it is i’ll fix it. I’m sorry.


Your damage has already been rolled back. You are now unbanned; just be more careful around other people’s builds from now on.


Will do. I just want whoever’s build it was to know that I’m really sorry and that it wasn’t purposeful.