To the staffing team


Hey, I’m just here to say that on behalf of the non-staffing player base of Arcane that we are extremely thankful of the time that all staff members have given up on their own accord to make the server a better place.

As 2014 has now become 2015, I reflect on my short period on Arcane so far and believe that it is our truly wonderful staff team making it great.

With the recent news of 1.8 by Agentred100 today, I would like thank and acknowledge the time that he has spent updating the server to run smoothly for this expansion of both version and border.

I would like to thank jugglingman456 for religiously saying ‘Yo’ when logging in and then subsequently going ‘deaf’! The respect of the players you have is astonishing.

Now, in no particular order. I would like to thank Rhalyon for being someone open for discussion and one that is willing to help you when you are in need. I would also like to mention your saddle has gone to good use.

Next up is the newest moderator Melium. My first experience with you was the creation of the witch farm (red highway) with godmozos. The tedious process of slab-ing and then cave lighting was somewhat mind numbingly boring but to share that event with someone created something that we could relate with.

Next up is Bbycake who has always been online in my time and occasionally I have choked on my food with some of the random stuff that comes out! I would like to thank you for spending many hours on the server and being their to control the general population. Also another chore of grey listing! I would like to recognise how you were able hold your own with a power 4 bow in a bow fight today with Simon and I both holding power 5.

Next up, since I just mentioned is Simon. He is someone I’ve only recently been able to talk with and the work on the embassy area and bridge was the first time I’ve seen your movements. I would like to say that I like the way you have the time and patience to plan out a build in a creative world before it is complete in order to ensure efficient building and cooperation amongst the helpers.

Next is Morios who I’ve bumped into once or twice in the twilight hours of Australia. Although that fact, I can say that he is one individual that you will be hard pressed to find fault in his spelling and punctuation.

And finally is Khuz, Smith and srry who I’ve never seen online or seen a post on the forums by you all since my joining of the server but I am certain that you are all deserving of your position.

And moving onto chat mods, mattewaiken who I’ve had the pleasure of inviting around to my house to acquire some well needed feedback and criticism! You are a wonderful builder of this server and you deserve some recognition.

And finally is aljady (I hope I spelt that correctly) once again I’ve never had the privilege of seeing a post or noticing you online but evidence of your building skills are evident around spawn.

I would like to thank this group of individuals that create a team to create a better and stronger player base. I would also like to one day meet these inactive mods and some of the staff that I unfortunately miss due to my timezone!

I hope you all have a great holiday and I will apologise for this rubbish.


I would like to thank you for being an awesome part of the community. I am really greatful to be a staff, but this is almost the first time (in 2015, duh) I’ve been thanked by a player like this.

Thank you, Hearts!


Wow, thank you Hearts. This really means a lot. :slight_smile:


Aww, hearts complimented me on my grammar instead of all the other nice things about me. Haha, really though, I think about everything I type, and I’m glad to get recognized for that. Thank you for writing this, I became a mod to make Arcane a nice place for players and seeing such a wonderful thank-you really makes it all worth it.