Allow TNTs to destroy blocks?

  • ALL MY YES, I always wanted to make a explosively natural looking cave!
  • Yes
  • Yes, so I can grief all the things.
  • Nope
  • Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope…

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Should we enable TNT’s block destroying mechanism forever?

People like to use it for creating caves and explosions, and it can be rolled back relatively easily in case there was a TNT griefing.


I voted no, because even if it’s easy to roll back it’s just one more source of concern, and large loads can strain / crash the server with little effort. If people need a cave, we’ve done temporary enables in the past, but we always alerted staff ahead of time so that we could keep a close eye on things while the blasting was underway.


I voted yes, but in all honesty I think the downsides are far more drastic and important than what we’d actually use TNT for. I brought this to Simon’s attention earlier wondering if he could enable it temporarily while I explode up a cave, but I didn’t think that anyone would use it for vandalism. Knowing that we’ve had griefings major and minor in the past, I withdraw my vote.

However, it does take away from the Vanilla experience we’re all here for. It may be something we just gotta risk and deal with.


We’ve done an extensive stress test on the server using tnt before we moved to this server. It handled all the explosions well. In addition, TNTs are not that easy to get unless players know about the witch farm or they are really determined… which we can roll back (and ban) if they blow things up to grief.


I voted no.

If someone absolutely needs to use tnt to make a cave, they can ask staff.

And I’m saying this as someone who has cleared out thousands of cubic metres of space in stone.


Holy shit no, TNT isn’t even a particularly good or cost effective method of clearing blocks. It’d only add another outlet for griefers to cause massive lag and damage.


It’s been about a week since the poll ended. It looks like the opinions are split in half. The server TNT mechanisms will stay as is.


Do mods have the ability to enable TNT, if not is it possible to allow them to do it also as it’s fairly rare that an admin is on at them same time as me :slight_smile: