Theory on Enderender


Sup everyone,

So recently I went to water some remaining blocks in the end to increase spawn rate of the enderender. I did manage to completely cover every square but the spawn rate didn’t go up by much. Then I went to check up top to see if maybe I could figure out if there was another problem when I noticed something. I checked for a couple of minutes what happened with the endermite and it attracting the endermen when I noticed the endermen often just standing at the edge of the hole (see screenshot)

Often, a bunch of endermen would just stand on top of the edge of the trapdoor and wait to be pushed down by new spawning endermen, then the process would repeat itself and a large portion of new endermen would just do the same thing, not dropping down. This would obviously decrease the amount of endermen falling down.
Is it possible the trapdoors are just in the way, preventing a full flow of endermen dropping down constantly? Should we try getting rid of those trapdoors? Or am I full of shit and is this just a normal thing that’s supposed to be happening?

I would also like to point out that endermen often also spawn on top of the wooden half slabs (believe it or not)

Please excuse me if all this comes off as far-fetched or dimwitted. I would very much like a proper debate going on what could be wrong with the current enderender.

Thanks for reading!


The fact that it’s not a constant flow of endermen is what bugs me the most. One moment the enderender is full, then you wait some time for it to get full again. You can try to remove the trapdoors. I’m not even sure why they’re there in the first place.


Trapdoors are here to trick the mobs into believing there is a floor they can walk on. If you remove the trapdoors, the endermen will not fall at all (except by excessive pushing). So sadly, you have to keep them…

EDIT: Changes to the AI of endermen may have occurred in 1.8, though.


Would it perhaps be prudent to make the hole larger then?

edit: (Don’t you dare make a dirty joke, DClem…)


You might want to try Signs, as well.

To my knowledge, they are treated as full blocks by mobs, same as Trapdoors, but they don’t have a hitbox that can be walked on.


I like the idea Dragon has ^


Other MOBS need trapdoors, but Endermen never needed the trapdoors to fall in the simple square trap before. (never seen the style I am talking about on this sever, but I have built plenty that never needed trapdoors) Did something change to make them need the doors?