The Silvari Kingdom


From the text “Declaration of Statehood and Sovereignty of the Silvari Kingdom of Aerendir Silvaras”, Silvari Kingdom, AL 4.

By joint decree of the current inhabitants of Aerendir Silvaras, with the blessing of the First Men who settled the area under the guidance of Lord Rhalyon of Sumeria on day thirty-three since AgentRed’s Landing, we the people hereby invoke our right to self-determination and rule. With this right, we declare our statehood, sovereignty, and independence and will be henceforth known as the Silvari Kingdom of Aerendir Silvaras.

The Silvari people choose as their King the Silvari Citizens, who will rule through consensus and moral law in harmony and peace. As a sovereign state, we reserve the right to accept and expel any current and future inhabitants who abide or break our rules. The Silvari Law is as follows:

  1. All inhabitants will maintain a respectful distance from other citizen’s settlements, unless prior agreements are made. The distance required between settlements shall be the judgement of the citizen who established his or her domain first. The citizens reserve the right to remove invading settlements without prior consensus

  2. All citizens agree to respect the entity of the jungle and maintain it as pristine as possible. Mass clearing are forbidden, as well as flattening large areas of terrain. Furthermore, no jungle or oak tree born in the wild shall be cut down for the sole purpose of wood. All wood must be collected externally or at the communal farm.

  3. All crops and trees at the communal farm must be replanted. Failure to do so will result in barring from its use.

  4. The people reserve the right to remove builds the community feels are not aesthetically pleasing. This however will not result in expulsion from the Kingdom.

  5. All rules of the First Council of Arcane apply, which includes, but is not limited to: griefing, hacking, exploitation, etc

  6. All new inhabitants of the region myst make themselves known to the rest of the population, and receive a copy of this declaration, which they will read and acknowledge. Let no man claim ignorance on our sovereign land. Furthermore, their intentions are to be made clear to the rest of the populace in regards to their building plans.

  7. Citizens of the Kingdom will be listed on the Citizen Ledger whose keeper will be Lord Rhalyon of Sumeria.


The Silvari Kingdom hereby claims authority over all lands in Aerendir Silvaras, the Silvari Ranges, the Whispering Wood, Fields of Anar, and Brightford.

This document was drafted by Lord Rhalyon of Sumeria with the approval of the Silvari Citizens.

Principal Signatory:

Lord Rhalyon Agaron, the First Silvari, Founder of the Silvari Kingdom, King of Sumeria and Whitecoast, Warden of the East, High Commander of the Silvari Forces, and Protector of the Realm.


Lord Jacofalltrades, Shield of the Silvari Kingdom and High Admiral of the Silvari Fleet


Lord Karassar of Fengue, General of the People’s Republic of Taiga

Prime Minister DClem, Mighty Leader of the Glorious and Mighty People’s Republic of Taiga

Signing Ceremony

Let no man claim ignorance, Here We Stand