The Shambhala Plateau Tourism Council presents: Shambhala!


Shambhala Plateau Autonomous Region (S.P.A.R) is an anarcho-Buddhist commune autonomous from Splawn’s central administration. It was founded in August 2014 as a underground monastery under a spruce-covered plateau. S.P.A.R quickly grew primarily due to the success of the Shambhala Construction Co-op.

S.P.A.R is administered by a council 100% independant from Splawn’s laws. The simple coincidence that Splawn’s and S.P.A.R’s laws are identical has kept the peace.

S.P.A.R is located east of Splawn. You can take the East Road then the Kropotkin Road, or the South East Highway (orange) on the Nether Highway.

Since S.P.A.R is an anti-capitalist space, commerce is conducted as a mix of communism and mutualism economics. The S.P.A.R Central Market is a thriving place of trade.

The Shambhala Construction Co-op is based out of S.P.A.R, and has contributed to many public infrastrucutre projects. The Co-op is avaible for hire to outsiders.

The Shambhala Rail Line connects S.P.A.R with it’s colonies Brittia and Arrakis Oasis.

Brittia is a mining colony for S.P.A.R and the Shambhala Construction Co-op. It is located south of Splawn and west of the Republic of Taiga.

S.P.A.R and it’s holdings on the dynmap:


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(Great post! Glad to finally see someone use this here roleplay part of the forums. You’ve got a couple of typos in the following sentence: Since S.P.A.R is an anti-capitalist space, commcerce is conducted a a mix of communism and mutalism economics The S.P.A.R Central Market is a trhiving place of trade. If you’re concerned about that you can look into it. Awesome post and great screenshots!)