The ShadowVale


Town Name: ShadowVale

Location: Take the Lime Green Highway in the Nether to the ShadowVale/Melium’s Cathedral Exit.

Residents: Melium, Nagy_18, Enduser28, Ultrapeepi, Macstrat, POOTIE_MUNGIS

Theme: Freebuilding, there’s no overall theme however the town square is built with brick and stone architecture.

The ShadowVale is looking for community members, we want to be the place you want to live! We have farms, autosmelters, mines, 4 beacons and some pretty wicked buildings going up. There is a tree farm coming soon as well. There is a wall around the entire area and we are working on lighting everything so there will be no worry of above-ground mobs.

There are plenty of nearby forests, a rich mining environment and plenty of places to set up shop.

For more information, check out our embassy. Follow the West road from spawn and look for the large spruce and dark oak building on the left.

Contact Melium or Nagy_18 about joining!