The Medieval Town of Encyclas!


Hello! Welcome to the city of Encyclas!
Encyclas was started by, of course, me, Encyclosaurus! Also including Explorer and occassional help from DrZums and aces.
Encyclas is a city south of White Haven with a beautiful biome combination including a extreme mountains biome seperated by a river following a plains emptying the sea and flowing from a forest up stream. Our build design is quite complicated and we have high expectations for every build done.
How to join:

  • Message Encyclosaurus/Explorer in-game or on forums
  • (Optional) Ask for tour of city
  • Self tour is also available (Orange highway, head to White Haven, decorated tunnel right of portal)
  • Build test is necessary to join (Use your own materials)
  • If accepted,you MUST stay active
  • All server rules in general apply here!
  • All builds must be high quality
  • Stay with town build style!
  • Enjoy yourself!