[Splawn Town] Arcane Harbor!


Hello everyone!

Today, I’d like to propose a new idea for Spawn, utilizing a space we have freed:

Arcane Harbor!

[color=#0000FF]Blue[/color] => The Harbor’s coastline
[color=#00BFFF]Light Blue[/color] => The way through the harbor for the ships
[color=#804000]Brown[/color] => What we have to build to make a coastline
Crossed out => What has to be destroy or removed (including pieces of land)

This Harbor, as a big community project, would give the opportunity to utilize this space to make Arcane prettier with a nice coastline made of shipping docks, huge storages, shipyards, etc… And of course, docks would be available for good players to build their ship. That way, the best builders would be given the right to build a ship in a designated spot.
We would have a lovely and organized harbor !

Plus, the Harbor would be in an ideal position next to the Embassy Area, at least where a lot of us would like it to be. The Southwestern district would truly become a jewel for our Splawn Town and our Server as a whole!

-Since we took down a lot of buildings, we have a lot of buildings materials to use!
-It’s just next to Agent’s castle (on the left on the map)
-Without Smith’s tower, it’s easy to access it straight from spawn!
-This place isn’t planned for anything else!
-It would not create any lag, since there would be no redstone, no mobs, no hoppers and probably only very few chests!
-Yay community buildings!


Interesting idea. But as conspiracy theorists, we have to ask ourselves, what are the contents of those crates? What if it is the devil himself? Or the leader of the illuminati?! But the worst of all, what if it contains the answer to the worlds greatest question? How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?! The world was never supposed to know! DClem, I’m warning you now about the danger of the crates. The crate conspiracy is real and is coming. The world is not ready to see what is in the crates.


I really, really like this idea!

It gets my support. :slight_smile:


I love this plan, it would work together with the embassy and farm idea I proposed already, it would make the west of spawn a very cohesive organize area. that would showcase great building skills, and a great community…that CAN work together…


I support, but I have a second option:

Red circles everywhere sans on Smith’s base represents change to sea.
Yellow lines represent roads
Purple circles represent land to rise
blue represents coastline.
(Blue circle represents Sryguise’s evil laboratory.)

Basically the same proposal with conversation of some buildings (and added roads).



Except the building with the question mark on was said to stay, because it’s pretty (and for once, it really is. If we destroy this building, any abandoned building of Arcane can go, really…)

And I think we should tie up Sry’s base to the land, rather than having it isolated in the sea…


Eh, I think it looks cool the way it is. It’s technically connected to the ocean floor


I support the original version of the project. I like it more then the version submit by Simon.


Admins? Thoughts on this suggestion?


I say I am confuzeled by the purpose of a harbour that doesn’t, in any way, link up to any of the Main bodies of water in the server.

Bear in mind, I was the kind of guy to question why a Lego Set had a second story without having a latter or staircase.


[quote=“DClem”]Admins? Thoughts on this suggestion?
Sounds like a great idea to me. You guys don’t really need our permission to do stuff like this anyway :wink:


EDIT: Agent removed his message so now mine doesn’t make sense.


Alrighty then :smiley:


I think if you make a harbor, the main thing is that it should theoretically make sense. (I.E. connect to main bodies of water, be deep enough, and have ports besides splawns that the ships could “Go” to).


yea as much as i like the idea, this is what was bothering me. What if we build a wide river that leads to an ocean? This might be an intense endevour but it would be cool to take boats out of the harbor and be able to access the ocean.

How about starting from the lake just below the Hockey stadium and carve a path North east to come out just south of white cliff? We could build the harbor overlooking that lake.

Or have two harbors.


It could be neat to build a canal that led to the ocean. It might be a lot of work, but it would be another chance for people to participate in a community project.