[Spawn] Post Office location


Plan map

There, you can see two possible locations for the post office.

Post office is a building where players can leave messages to another player using chests. Ideally, this should be next to the spawn building for easy access. However, due to concerns about lagging out the spawn again, we need to keep it many blocks away from the spawn.

The map linked above above shows two possible locations of the post office. Where should we build it? If you have any ideas for the position of the post office, feel free to suggest one below or right on the map.



I didn’t look at the map, but let’s not put it in the spawn chunk…


Putting the post office inside the spawn chunk has nothing to do with the server lag. It just needs to be at least 4 chunks (64 blocks) away from the center area of the spawn. Closer, and it can cause client lag.

Which brings up another thing: it should not be in the area congested with irregularly shaped blocks (fences, hoppers, etc), which causes the lower-end graphics to stutter.


Yes, I agree with SimonOrJ.