Spawn Build Contest!


after talking with MonReflexion and agreeing with her that spawn was kinda sparse on builds ive come up with an idea!!

as most of you know im not the best asthetic builder even when im in the mood so instead of me building something im going to do what i do best, find some sucker to do it for me… err i mean find some industrious individuals to employ!!!

so heres the plan people.

this is a huge contest, so heres the rules.

  1. build your build in a creative world and take screenshots and submit them in this thread or in discord to be approved by myself and the mod/admin staff to make sure they fit into the overall themes and plans for spawn, you must also pick a location where you want to place it.
  2. the build must also include any terraforming, internal and exterior decorations etc. no empty skyscrapers!
  3. nothing can be taller than the base of the clocktower already erected in spawn, block height 111 on the server.
  4. no demolishing of currently existing builds unless preapproved by simonorj BEFORE planning
  5. you must have a banner from every sponsoring shop in your build
  6. there will be an entry fee of 1 diamond block.

so heres how itll work
ANYONE can join, mods, admins, members, new peeps anybody.
if you need materials you dont have and mytoscorp has them in stock i will attempt to furnish them for you!
if you need help with redstone i will help you with it either design or just construction, doors elevators etc.
your build must be completed by march 31st to qualilfy for the prize, but you can submit your build to me and the mods/admins at any time between now and then.
on march 31st i will take screen shots of the completed builds on arcane and post a poll here on the forums and on discord, and the community as a whole will vote on which they like best.
the winner of the poll will win ALL prizes submitted by myself, sponsoring market shops, AND all the admittance fees.

prizes are as follows
10 diamond blocks,
1 fully enchanted elytra,
3 maxed out diamond picks of your choice,
5 mending books,
5 unbreaking 3 books,
5 enchanted books of your choice,
any items submitted by donating shops,
AND all the admittance fees.

any spawn market shops wishing to sponsor the contest to get a banner in all builds please contact me to donate a prize for the contest.


Just to specify, what exactly are we supposed to build? Farms, decorative builds, etc? Just would like specification. And also where are we putting the entry fee?


So heres my take on the spawn building contest


anything you think would be useful or look good and that wont lag the server being in spawn.
entry fees should go in the prize box at spawn


what is it, where will it go?


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Here’s my submission! It is a community service building. You can enter yourself into the piblic service. you just put your name in, and do a sample build. Heres some pictures!