Slime farm partially fixed


So MajorWang and I renovated the slime farm. We spaced out the platforms so that there is a 3.5 space gap which allows large slimes to spawn. With that, I also added a cactus killer instead of a water drowning system so they die faster. There is still an issue with slimes despawning.

From what I can gather about the speed it’s at about a stack an hour now, although it should be much higher. I’m not sure if this is due to the slimes swimming against the current then despawning or what, but I intend to figure it out


Okay so I did some testing tonight. I afk’d for exactly 3 hours and 30 minutes. This yielded 442 slimeballs. I did some calculations and the farm produces about 126 slimeballs per hour.

This results are interesting because a farm like this should be outputting around 1500 slime balls PER HOUR. Slime despawning is a big factor playing into the low rates. I’m going to be testing a few things to increase slimes that fall into the water. A big factor is that slimes may despawn a certain distance from the player.

I tried a new drowning mechanism as a lot of slimeballs were being lost to the cacti I had planted earlier.

For now, I’m going to be making a 3x3 hole in the center of all the platforms. That gives slimes a chance to spawn, and hopefully they can fall through.


The area around it might not be well lit :wink:


How big of an area around it must be lit up?


Okay, so I added an iron golem right next to the drowner. My hope is that the slimes will want to attack the golem and will swim into the drowner. That way they won’t swim out of it. If anyone has any other ideas, I’m all ears.


Well at least 100 blocks around the afk area should be lit, but I never actually did it :confused:


lo how do i get to that area then??


Probably with a pickaxe.


Please don’t destroy my base too much :confused:


Worry not DClem! I haven’t touched anything in your base. As a matter of fact, the supplies from the old platforms are in your mailbox :slight_smile: Mainly glowstone, some hoppers and some obsidian I think.

Dragon, I know that, but I don’t want to be randomly punching holes in walls until I find a cave…


You should use the dynmap xray view to find the caves nearby :slight_smile:


Ohh I never thought of that!


Hmm… I just thought of an idea of having an iron golem spawner in the Guardian Farm using villagers. o.o


Jesus Simon, will you calm down with your farms xD


Dclem, your caves are well lit already. the dynmap is a mess at your base so i cant use that


Yeah simon, at least get us a farm we don’t already have.


Yeah simon, at least get us a farm we don’t already have.[/quote]
We practically have all the farms we need ._.

The slimes at the Guardian farm is bothersome, that’s why :stuck_out_tongue: