Shulker Box usage and Etiquette


hey guys!

we’ve got a lot of new members recently that aren’t familiar with how coreprotect works with shulker boxes so I’m writing this post as a guideline.

  • Shulkers can be locked just like chests but are NOT locked by default, use /cprivate to lock them
  • It is recommended that if you keep valuables in a shulker box that the box is either locked or stored in a locked container (chest or enderchest).
  • If someone steals from a shulker box do not move it, it makes it immensely harder for the staff to find the culprit and restore your items.
  • If you break and move a shulker that was locked, you have to lock it again.

to reiterate, lock shulkers with valuables, and if you’re stolen from report it to staff immediately and DONT move the shulker box.

hope this clarifies things for everybody and helps to keep all our shulkers full of dirt blocks safe!

(mumbles about not having a shulker full of diamond blocks hidden somewhere at spawn they’ll never find)