[Setting] The Glorious and Mighty People's Republic of Taiga


[size=150]The Glorious and Mighty People’s Republic of Taiga[/size]

[size=85]Flag of the People’s Republic of Taiga.[/size]

The Glorious and Mighty People’s Republic of Taiga or shortened to The People’s Republic of Taiga is a socialist state on the Continent of Arcane that was founded in 2 AL. It is governed as a single-ruler state. Its government is highly decentralized, with a focus on distribution of responsibilities to its various provinces. Although The Republic of Taiga relies on self-governance for each of these provinces, their local leaders pay tribute and taxes to the capital and Taiga’s president.

The Taiga has a complex BL history, with few sources on which to base itself. Many powers have come and gone, dominating the region. In 10 BL, Kry’s Domain first united the Taiga under one region. At Kry’s fall, in 5BL, the Taiga grew more independent and became fractured. For a time between 4 and 3 BL, Logzov dominated the Taiga through it’s central position. Between 3 and 2 BL, the Sprussian Kingdom emerged victorious against Logzov and ruled the Taiga. A year after, the Great Arcane Invasion began, and the Taiga people were decimated, forced back into poverty.

During the first year AL, the Valley began reinforcing itself under the emergence of King H. Abbs the Fourth, and the construction of the South Overworld Road, going through the Taiga. The “April Coup”, organized by DClem, pushed H. Abbs to abdicate, and DClem became King of the Valley.

The Republic was founded in May 1 AL by DClem, whose ambition it was to create an independent republic that did not have to rely on the central government of Splawn. Upset with Splawn’s immigration policies, DClem decided to start the construction of his new republic many blocks away. The Republic soon grew in size and wealth, having annexed the nearby plains to build the new capital city: the Opera-Arena. The Opera house constitutes the centre of the capital, and it is from there that DClem supervised the production of various beacons to provide the capital with power and resources.

For 2 years The People’s Republic of Taiga prospered, and its growth soon caught the eye of the government in Splawn. Afraid of the growing power of president DClem, the leaders of Splawn sought to bring him back into their fold. In what is now considered an unlawful political move, the newly established Council of Splawn gave President DClem unprecedented powers to govern not only The Republic of Taiga, but also the surrounding states and peoples of Arcane.

In 3 AL The Republic finished its annexation of Borderlandov and Northern and Southern Sonov Abich and integrated them into the current People’s Republic of Taiga.

Political Conflicts and Border Wars

Ever since the founding of The People’s Republic of Taiga it was in constant conflict with The Constitutional Democratic Republic of Socialist Dwarven Mordor. The CDRSDM did not support the founding of the first Taiga colony, thinking it illegal, noting that this land-grab was unsupported by neighbouring states. Though the CDRSDM brought these concerns to the governing powers of Splawn, their complaints fell on deaf ears, Splawn rulers ignoring any problems in favor of peace and underhand bribes provided by President Dclem.

Tensions between the CDRSDM and The Republic of Taiga rose to a boiling point in 3 AL when it annexed 3 bordering states. The CDRSDM constructed two great walls around their capital and started setting up border patrols. They began stationing troops on their borders on the 6th of July, 3 AL. On the 10th of July a large Taiga army crossed into CDRSDM land and destroyed several villages on its outskirts, killing a staggering two cows in the process. The CDRSDM mobilized its troops and with the help of ingenious lava traps were able to push Taiga forces back into Taiga land. The current situation is highly unstable as both states have a mobilized army at their respective borders.

Civil Rights Violations

Although the Taiga government has always denied such claims, investigative organizations have often pressed concerns over what they perceive as civil rights violations within the Republic of Taiga. Reports often talk of state-sponsored famine and oppression, segregation policies, and the denying of voting rights to lawful citizens. There have also been reports of assassinations and death squads. These violations are often aimed at the most southern provinces who have shown ambitions to secede, in part due to conflicting cultures and languages. The Taiga government calls these reports unfounded, though proof, according to civil rights organizations, is abundant.

[size=85]CDRSDM propaganda, distributed during elections.
Showing President DClem and underling Karasaar respectively.[/size]


Large portions of the northern provinces of Taiga speak Russlish, with very few dialects existing besides those of the southern provinces of Borderlandov and Northern and Southern Sonov Abich, where Frengrish is spoken.


Taigians enjoy universally free health care.


The People’s Republic of Taiga enjoys a very conservative cuisine, relying on wolf-meat and fern leaves. High prices are often paid for imports from Splawn, which include: cat organs, pumpkin pie, and “green meat”, an unspecified red meat only available in small amounts.

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OOC Information

The Capital of the Taiga Republic can be found at: x 1255, z 1863