[Setting] Disaster at Ravenholmov


A thriving mining village once lay in the border province of “The Sprussian Republic,” a place now abandoned by its benefactors in the capital of Opera-Arena. Now it has become a dark, dreary place, overrun by the undead; its inhabitants transformed into monstrous mutated shells of their former selves; buildings completely destroyed; water supplies contaminated, and a sickening and penetrating smell of death lingering in the air.
Two parties have been accused of crimes against its populace: on one hand The Constitutional Democratic Republic of Socialist Dwarven Mordor accuses the Taiga republic of decimating the village in order to make room for construction purposes, on the other hand the Taiga government accuses the CDRSDM of purposefully testing a biological weapon by shelling the place with a specifically designed nuclear rocket. Suffice it to say, no one goes to Ravenholmov anymore, besides the occasional treasure hunter that is.

Stories tell of tortured screams that can be heard in the deepest of nights, if one listens closely. The occasional passerby may hear the cries of children or a distant, disembodied “moo”, however, there are also sounds of hope: some report a brave and booming solitary voice coming from near the village church; perhaps a lone survivor, perhaps a relic of what was before.

OOC Information

Ravenholmov can be found at: x 1634, z 2178


(OOC) And the occasional, curious Dramlx that wants to touch that trap and see… WAIT DRAMLX, DON’T TOUCH THAT!