Serverwide Addressing System


Disclaimer: This is not required but recommended.

We should do a server-wide building addressing system!

The address should take up maximum of two lines on a sign.

To make the address, take the X and Z pieces of the building main enterance coordinates. For example, Flower Isles’s community mining quarters building is near x=132 and z=-683. Take those two numbers, and divide them by ten. (e.g. drop the last number):

x = +130 => +13
z = -683 => -68

If your x coordinate is positive, then you can drop the plus sign. Then put the numbers together. The building address then becomes 13-68. If the x coordinate was negative and the z coordinate was positive, then that can be written as “-13+68”.

Next, if the building is in a town or is a part of a town, city, or a nation, take the name and append it to the building number. Then it becomes 13-68 Flower Isles. You can make it something like this:

If you want to write your address in one line, then use your shortened town/city/nation name and use it in place of the full name like this: 13-68 Flower Is. Anything is fine as long as the settlement name is recognizable.

We should make this a standard. What do you think?


Seems useful, though if / when we get a proper Nether hub in the new world we’ll have to discuss how those exit names will work with these addresses.


good idea but why not just use the whole x-z coords, like 345-345, instead of the math.


It’s just x and z coords combined, but some people live in places where coordinates are positive and negative, thus the usage of plus and minus signs. There should be a better way to address it, but I’m not sure how to make it better.


I guess we can write them as cartesian co-rodinates…so X:45 Z: -654 would be (45,-654)


Oh, I get it.

I was thinking of dropping the ones digit to save some sign space for those who want to fit the entire address in one line. And the ones digit isn’t that significant and really precise.


Honestly I like the dropping of the ones digit.

Now if we Really wanted to be confusing, we could go with Chunk Coords.


no guys, let’s just use spherical coordinates instead.


Don’t you mean Polar?


Polar would preserve the Y coordinate. He wants to really obfuscate it.

If you want to be really inconvenient, we could use the natural log of the coords as the address.


Why not just use the exp (e^n)? It’ll come naturally to people when it comes to figuring it out.


0-9 is a-j, positive is capitals, lowercase for negative
example “x=132 and z=-683” becomes ACJfhc I feel this is the most clear way to display location


I think we should go with what greasy_bandit said. It does get slightly confusing especially for potential newer players.

So, instead of dropping the ones digit, how about rounding the number up to the tenth digit of the coordinates? That will make the address of the building shown in the image above as 130-680.