[Server] Use the "Message of the Day"!


Hello everyone !

We have a “message of the day” thing when we log on Arcane.

Let’s use it !

For example: Let’s make it say: Don’t destroy the Mesa Bryce Biome !
Or to announce events !


I’d love to switch it up, if anybody has an idea let me know and I’ll think about adding it.


Can you add clickable links to it? I think it’s a 1.8 feature, if not 1.7…

So maybe a clickable link to the Screenshot of the Week contest Thread, for example?

Maybe a shout out to our latest greylisted players? Something along the lines of: “Everyone please welcome RandomPlayerL337, OtherDude and ThatGuy on Arcane!”, and it would change automatically? I don’t know how that would technically work though…

Also, maybe open a permanent thread in “General Discussions” where players could request some advertisement of their event/contest/news, using the Message of the Day? For example, I could ask that the new Mesa Bryce Minecart Attraction be announced on the Message of the Day ! (But it’s not yet finished, so don’t.)


Those are some good ideas, I’ll see what I can do when I find the time.