Server Updated to 1.12.2 (and back from downtime)


Hello everyone,

Firstly, I would like to apologize about the sudden 24 hour server downtime. The server was stopped and brought under emergency maintenance because the storage disk reached its data capacity. Through the 24 hours, the server and staff went through a lot of testing, sleeping, deleting, uploading, upgrading, battling, and waiting.

We ran into multiple challenges while troubleshooting the server and fixing the root of the problem, but it’s safe to say that it’s back for good!

Due to the nature of full disk capacity, some data may not have saved properly before the server went down. You may see some things undone to your inventory or to the environment around you leading to the server downtime. If you see any outstanding issues, please notify a staff member.

While the server went down, we’ve made small additions on the Discord. There are now extra text channels for each public, large towns, cities, or groups. If you have an established public group or settlement, speak to a staff member or post a reply below! We will continue to make it easy for communities to be manageable and stay connected.

As always, we’re accepting server feedback and suggestions. If you have a big idea, please leave make a post there!

Have fun!