Server Rules


Rule 1: No cheating

Client modifications are not allowed. (x-ray, flymod, etc.) OptiFine and Rei’s mini-map are ok.

Rule 2: No indecent language

No vulgar, inappropriate, racist, harsh, or otherwise indecent language is allowed. The exception to this rule is swearing, which is allowed within reason.

Rule 3: No griefing, raiding, or stealing

You may not steal from players in any way. The exception is somebody you personally killed in PvP. Scroll down for more specific PvP rules!

Rule 4: No use of exploits to gain an advantage

Any kind of bug or exploit that places you at an unfair advantage over other players is strictly against the rules.

Rule 5: Respect all players

You must respect everyone. Causing any kind of harm or abuse to another person is not allowed. This includes bullying, harassment, and much more.

Rule 6: Building

You may not build on land clearly claimed by another player. Even if no marked sign is present, you may not build too close to another player without their permission.

Mining below spawn

Please be aware that mining directly below spawn is not allowed.

Many of these rules are entirely dependent on context - server staff will decide what is ok and what is not. Warnings will be issued before bans. If any rule is unclear, please ask a mod or admin.


PvP rules

Players must specify if they are fighting with “give-backs”, otherwise items may be looted.

In order to keep items from somebody in PvP, you must have dealt the majority of damage to them.

Looting items from somebody you did not kill is considered stealing.


Chat rules

Controversial topics

Controversial topics are against the rules. Notable examples are religion and abortion. Any topic that promotes drama or hateful speech is not allowed.


The chat should never be filled with memes, caps lock, or the same message over and over.

Players who do not follow these rules will receive temporary or even permanent mutes.