Server Admin- Shadow_Tamer


Why you want to be a moderator: Because I have notice the insane amount of lack of admin presence. I believe I have done well as a Realm admin, and could carry my experience over to Arcane. I do not have as much work as the older Admins, because I am younger than they are. And, hopefully, by the time I am older, more will rise to take my place.
Relevant experience: Realm Admin, Server Moderator
Location/Timezone: Us East
Skype name: CataclysmicSMASH
Anything you would like to add: ArcaneMC is my favorite server of all time, The community is amazing, RedStoners, Builders, PvPers, there all here. The only thing not here, is admins. Which is why i plan to fix that, and make Arcane not only an amazing server, but a safe on as well. :smiley: