Sentence Story


[color=#008000]It’s been very quiet here recently.
Let’s make a story together, shall we?

Rules:[ul][li]Post one sentence at a time. Quoting a post will not count as a sentence contributing to the story [size=85](See 4th bullet)[/size].[/li][li]Each post should be by different person. If it’s all by same person, where would the fun be?[/li][li]As for the topic, we can make it as we try to make a story through comprehensible sentences.[/li][li]To comment on the progression of the story, you must post within a quote, or it will be mistaken as continuation of the story.[/li][li]Server’s chat rules apply, but be creative![/li][/ul]
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I’ll start it off:[/color]

It was thousands of years ago when Arcane Nation was founded.


This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.
[color=#005000]I had to, I’m sorry. Douglas Adams too stronk[/color]


The world was at peace, but then everything changed.


There were drones and aliens seeking to take control over the newly founded nation.


However, one hero stood against them all.


A fat and ugly man, with a carpet of hair on his back.


Which was combed into a stately, resplendent beard.


His name… was Khuzdbuzd!


This is why we shouldn’t allow dumb people around a keyboard.


This is why we shouldn’t allow dumb people around a keyboard.[/quote]
It was heading that way anyways.

… But Khuzdbuzd wasn’t Dumb, since he was allowed near a keyboard. …


He used the power of his majestic eyes to shoot down the threatening alien army seeking to rule over the nation.


“Indian Love Call” was playing in the background, but for no particular reason.


With the help of unimportant background music, Khuzdbudz slayed and eradicated the alien race and claimed his victory.


The ground cracked and rumbled.


And, before he knew it, vines were shooting up from the grounds, which somehow made the people very angry once again.


All of the dogs in the world howled at once.


Then Khuzdbudz was stricken with fear by the mighty roar of the all powerful AgentRed who has risen from the cracks in the earth.


Heh. AgentЯed Comes out of Cracks…[/quote]

Khuzdbudz trembled.


Some poor fool charged the great creature, proclaiming for all to hear “I’m from Planet Minecraft!” - but alas, they were no match, simply erased from existence by the titan’s gaze as it continued its inexorable climb.


A peace settled over the valley.