Second server


Modded server. Nuff said.


No. Nuff said.

Seriously though, Arcane works because its as close to legit vanilla as we can. If the Faction Server we had proved something, its that we should stick to our formula…


Yeah, I would love a modded server! It would be really cool and the possibilities would be even more endless than they already are.

The issue is that most people are comfortable playing vanilla. I feel like if you want a modded server, there are better servers out there. I love Arcane, but DClem is right. Arcane should stick to vanilla.


Agent and I know next to nothing about running a heavily modded server. We could do it, but I’m sure one of you guys could set something better up.


I would love to play a ATL server with magic mods (esp thaumcraft). A while ago I looked into modded servers, and a lot don’t really have any community, its just a bunch of single players on the same server. Then again, I don’t even have time to play arcane =(


This. We have a rare thing going for us, an actual fun community.