/s for close speaking


Using a command as simple as /s to toggle on and off close range chat so that only those within a 7x7x7 box area can see the chat in order to give the server a more community feel. Want to have area specific meetings and don’t want to keep typing in /msg ‘user’ or /r ? Want to use it form Mild-Role playing purposes? This toggle idea is a great way to bring a better sense of realism to the server and isn’t necessarily violating the ‘vanilla only’ factor since there is already private messaging and so forth. Just a minor suggestion which would be a cool implementation.


Sounds like a good idea, I have seen it on other successful servers.
On the other hand, I feel like a box of 7x7x7 is WAY to small thats only 3 blocks in every direction. Something like 60x60x10 would be better in my opinion. :slight_smile:

TLDR; I support this idea :wink:


Youre right, What i meant to say was like 14x14 so itd be about 7 blocks each direction! If its to far the novelty of the feeling of “real talk” is lost because at 30 each way blocks we’d be yelling :stuck_out_tongue:


How about a group chat? So you’d have /group create, /group name , /group invite , /g <message for group.


I like Agent’s idea better. Not saying I don’t like yours’ :wink:


True but i feel with group chats youd feel inclined to invite only the people you talk to into it and then we’d get clicks of members not talking general anymore. With the close speaking idea it was just for if you were close to other people and wanted to interact with them that way and not having to type /msg for someone 2 blocks in front of you.

The group chat is a good idea though, but I would be afraid of the whole thing leading to a decline in global communication in a different way.


Is this the functions that is covered by the PERMs? Because if so, I’d really like to use them, even if we don’t get the Chat part, because of it’s use in LWC. There’s not much more bothersome than having to add 1 or 3 people to 50+ chests when they join a community area/project. It’d be much nicer to work via Groups.


Can confirm this exactly what happens. Cliques form really really quickly, and then the general chat becomes a ghost town.

Strongly recommend against this idea.


For group chat, we have Mumble !


Agree, if you want to make a group chat use Mumble.

you could toggle /g for global chat and /l for local. this would make role-playing much easier. and global chat wouldn’t be such a mess.


If only people would use it a bit more often.

I’ve only seen one or two people on the last week, compared to the dozens that used to be on there


I like where Cookies head is at for more of a local and RP feel for the server!